Sharman Yarnell has worked professionally in television, radio and theatre for over twenty years. Her Broadcast credits include The Chris Robinson Travel Show and top-rated Showtime on CJAD (Astral Radio). She writes a monthly entertainment column for The Montrealer, "Enter Stage Left with Sharman Yarnell" as well as articles on Themed Travel. Her voice work includes various animated series, including Caillou and the Emmy Award-­winning Arthur. She has also recorded numerous documentaries for The National Film Board of Canada and Industrials for many private enterprises. She is regularly seen on national TV in The Heritage Minutes as 'Nellie McClung' and has narrated monologues on Mystery Ink airing on The Mystery Channel.

CJAD Showtime

  • Sharman currently hosts a radio show called Showtime on CJAD. You can tune in on Sundays at 4pm. Here's a sample of what you might hear:

    James Lipton - The Actors Studio
  • William Shatner
  • Leonard Maltin
  • Elvis Costello
  • Tony Dennison - The Closer
  • Malcolm McDowell

Commercials, Narrations, Industrials

  • Sharman does a lot of radio spots for any given number of clients. Below are some examples:

    • Upbeat/Warm
    • Narrations
      • Medical Industrial

Travel and Entertainment Articles


  • Canadian Heritage Minute

    Sharman is an active player when it comes to matters of the stage. She took on the role of Nellie McClung for a Canadian Heritage Minute spot and reminded us all just how important Nellie McClung was.